Parker 61 Vista Blue w/Custom Insignia Cap - Capillary

Parker 61 Vista Blue Fountain Pen

Gold Filled Custom Insignia Cap

New - No Box

Parker created this pen, the model 61, with what has to be the simplest filler squeezing, no screwing, no levers, no moving parts of any description -- just unscrew the barrel and drop the pen, point up, in an ink bottle for a few seconds, and a wick inside the pen draws in a load of ink. This is known as Parker's Capillary Filling System.

is a Parker 61 in the HTF Vista Blue color with the just as rare Custom Insignia Gold Filled Cap. Extra Fine Point gold nib and Gold Arrow inset. Gold Filled (1/10 12K) Insignia design cap with a Vista Blue barrel, and Light Gray jewels. The cap is engraved "61 Parker 61 1/10 12K G.F. Cap - Made in USA" . It is 5 1/8 inches long, when capped. It has NEVER been inked . The pen pictured above, is the pen that the winning bidder will receive. I believe that this pen is New, no dings, dents or scratches, other than some minimal micro scratches on the cap.

Insured shipping, to US addresses only, is an additional $8.39 (US Mail w/Delivery Confirmation). Insured shipping to Canada is $8.99.

International Bidders: We will ship internationally, for a flat fee of $13.95, which includes insurance. Please note: Due to the additional paperwork and extra time to mail, we
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