Parker 75 SPANISH TREASURE Sterling Silver Pen, NIB

Parker 75 Spanish Treasure Pen - 1965


Cross-hatch square grid made of vertical and horizontal engraved lines, equally spaced to form square patterns.


Solid sterling silver (mixture of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper)


Fountain pen

Edition size

4,821 fountain pens



This pen was released in November 1965 and the silver used to make this pen's cap and barrel came from a sunken Spanish galleon in an armada of 11 ships. The ship was carrying gold and silver treasures from the new world back to Spain and King Philip V. After the two groups of ships left Vera Cruz and Cartagena, they gatd in Havana to form an armada and head northward on the gulf stream. Seven days after leaving port, on July 31, 1715, the armada encountered a hurricane. 10 of the 11 ships sunk off the coast of Florida.

To coin collectors, this group of shipwrecks became known as the 1715 Plate Fleet. The silver was salvaged in 1961 by Mel Fisher who had the backing of investors including Ken Parker. Parker was struck with the brilliant idea to create a limited edition Parker 75 using the salvaged silver. The pen was packaged in a unique kit. The complete kit consists of:

Wooden gift box whose exterior contained a map of the doomed ship'
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