Here is� truebluebp � offering a True Blue from his collection for the first time. This one is the long flattop from 1928 (they only lasted about a year) and it has the Lucky Curve feed, with corresponding banner in the imprint, and the correct nib inscribed 'PARKER LUCKY CURVE B3X'.

The color of the pen - always the difficult point, as the cream swirl discolored easily - can be evaluated as good to excellent. The barrel is only slightly darker than the cap, the worst patch being just below the section (visible in picture 2).

The imprint is complete and readable, but not strong.

The milling of the black end-caps is also fairly worn.

No brassing, no damage to the plastic except the usual surface scuffing, no dings, dents or cracks. The surface shines.

The nib is a small beauty: something like a broad-medium, with a little flex. It's as smooth as you can want and a joy to use. The pen fills correctly.

Dimensions: length closed just under 5 5/16", 134 mm. With cap posted just over 6 3/8", 163 mm.

If you're looking for a beautiful and usable True Blue, you won't do much better than this one. It was bought some years ago from the late Al Mayman, who as askm93 was one of the great Ebay pen-sellers: his unfailing courtesy and honesty remains a model.


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