Parrot AR Drone Red/Blue Flashing LED Police Light Kit!

Killer Drones! -> Red / Blue Flashing LED Police Light Kit and Headlight for AR Drone!
This listing is for a Red / Blue Flashing LED Police Light Kit . Our simple kit includes 2 flashing LED lights and mounting hardware, takes about 5 minute to install, requires no tools and is removable. Simple plug-and-play wiring connects to the Drone's battery. LEDs are very light and efficient - minimal effect on flight time. Also includes button-cell battery, bright LED headlight that fits above the camera. Illustrated installation instructions included.
See a video of our Blue UFO Drone in action at:
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First Class postage is $2.00. USPS Priority Mail is $4.95 f or any quantity . Standard USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box is $13.95 to countries where available for up to 5 light kits . Item is guaranteed to work as described or your money back. Our liability is limited to the replacement cost of the light kit.
Flying an AR Drone in the dark is challenging - mod and fly your Drone at your own risk, and be extremely careful!
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