*Parts/Repair* Hubert Herr Black Forest German Cuckoo Clock Coo Coo Ships FAST!

About Denver Vintage Deluxe

I am a full time dealer selling on eBay exclusively

I operate EFFICIENTLY and GUARANTEE my items like that of a large store

I run my shop of out a 1000 sq foot basement warehouse in the heart of Denver

ALL Items will be SKILLFULLY packed and shipped out QUICKLY

Take "Peace of Mind" and buy from someone who knows how to prevent damage in transit and guarantees overall satisfaction

Over 3,000 Sales and NOT 1 Negative feedback----I must be doing something right!

Watch it and wait for PRICE to DROP......

Buy it Now or Watch it if interested...By being a WATCHER, you are saying you like it but think asking PRICE is TOO High-- I will chop prices $10-20 EVERY FEW DAYS (bigger ticket items) -- especially it I have a few watchers!

I am shipping out 5 days a week now! Using FedEx exclusively

I have shipped large, fragile items all over the globe with VERY LITTLE Damage in transit

I NEVER leave my buyers disappointed-- My GREAT reputation is IMPORTANT TO ME

Any issues will be dealt with promptly


This is a nice looking Hubert Herr Cuckoo clock that appears to have unfortunately been dropped and sustained some cosmetic damage...

3 Flaws to point out

1)The worst
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