partylite consultant items - stickers, postcards, etc.

60+ PL goody bags, 4 buttons, pl baseball cap, pl license plate cover, "Enjoy our catalog" sticky notes, "I really, really really want..." sticky notes, 2 notepads w/ business card magnet, pl logo stickers, "special offer" stickers, "1/2 price tealights" stickers, Games People Play - books 1 & 2 by Ann Gibson, 40 "Congratulations" postcards, 20 "Earn while you burn" postcards, 19 "Do you love candles?" postcards, 14 "Thanks for booking a candle show with me!" postcards, 1 "It's showtime" dry erase board, 1 "Share the light" dry erase board, 7 pl ink pens, 1 pl luggage tag, and a huge variety of stickers that are great for hostesses, team members, guests, and recruiting.

These items are great for candle consultants!