Holy Night Nativity Collection

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PartyLite Holy Night Nativity Collection

Brand New in Boxes

The PartyLite Holy Night Nativity Set is brand new for 2007. It features beautifully sculpted resin figurines with an antique brass finish. (uses tealights only)

The set includes 5 pieces:

Holy Night Three Kings Tealight Holder : exquisite candleholder pays tribute to the three kings and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Measures 7" h by 7 ¼" w.

Holy Night Angel Tealight Holder: a celestial angel watches over the holy family. Measures 7 ¾" h.

Holy Night Tealight Holder: Joseph stands watch over Mary and baby Jesus. Measures 7" h by 4 ½" w.

Holy Night Shepard Tealight Holder: the Shepherd and lamb come to gaze upon baby Jesus. Measures 7" h by 5" w.

Holy Night Creche: Complete the story of the Holy Night with this beautifully styled Creche. It fits like a puzzle piece with the Holy Night Tealight Holder. Measures 10 ¾" h by 7 1/2" w.

For a Buy-it-Now bonus, I will include 1 boxes of tealights with your order.

Retails for $159.95 plus PL shipping and tax

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Items may have been removed from boxes in order to take pictures.

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