PASS THE PIGS Pig Figures Dice Vintage Game MB Pigmania

SOOEE ... SOOEE ... 's a unique and fantastic item for the pig lover ... it's PASS THE PIGS ... an original game of chance using pig figures as dice!

This Milton Bradley game from 1992 comes COMPLETE in its original box and is in GREAT, gently played condition.

Includes: Original Game Box Pocket Size PIG CASE 2 pig figure dice 1 SCORE PAD (looks FULL) 2 Pencils Score Summary Card Instructions (Both English AND French)

Origin of The Game:

Some fun history of how this original game came about:

The ancient game was first played over 3000 years ago in an idyllic glen in the renowned land of Pigalonia. It was a favorite pastime of the fun-loving but slothful Pigalonians. The object of the game was to be the first player to accumulate a given number of points by tossing live pigs into the air and calculating the points assigned to the random landings, by degree of difficulty. For example, a pig landing on its back would score more points than a pig landing on its side. It has been chronicled, in the recently unearthed and, then, cleaned "Papers of Peewack" that a single game generally took 6 days to complete, due to the pigs' habit of bolting and taking refuge in their mud bogs after each throw. Years later, carved figurines were substituted for the live pigs in order to shorten the playing time
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