PATCH, 156th SAS AVN, Special Warfare Unit, Vietnam War

CIA / ASA Patch

US Army Security Agency

156th Aviation - Special Warfare Unit

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US Army Security Agency - ASA - CIA

156th Aviation Company - Special Warfare Unit

The 156th Aviation Company was a designated Special Warfare Unit serving out of Can Tho and dedicated soley to the operations of the USASA (US Army Security Agency).

The Unit was formed in-country with more than 160 operatives at any period during it's operations June 1966 through to their departure in April of 1972.

Manned by both ASA and CIA Operatives the operations of the USASA in Vietnam were entirely classified and involved the collection and decimation of information and clandestine combat operations in the field.

Officially, only in-country post 1964 the action practiced by the ASA had been used in Vietnam since before the War. When the 'USASA Group Vietnam' officially arrived many operatives, previously under the control of the CIA continued their operations under this banner.

This patch shows the claws of an Eagle grasping at Radio Transmissions a major part of the work of the USASA in Vietnam through their Radio Research Units (RRU's).

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