PATCh, CIA MAAG LOAS - (Pre 1964 MACV-SOG ) Vietnam War

Original, Patch, Vietnam War

Rare, Pre 1964

MAAG LAOS - fore-runner of MACV

RARE, pre 1964,

Vietnam War -

Original and Very rare, MAAG LAOS - (Military Assistance Advisory Group) CIA CONTROLLED, 1956 - 1964, later MACV - SOG.

Measures - 3.2 x 2.8 inches ( 8 x 7 cms ) MAAG LAOS Operation White Star Rare MAAG - Vietnam Piece Excellent Piece

CIA Mission Group.

Operation White Star - Laos


Vietnam War Patch:

Initially instigated by the SOE in 1959 Opertion White Star was set-up to train members of the Meo Tribe to resist the growing threat of the Pathet Lao, the Communist's in Laos.

Operation White Star was discontinued in 1962 after the Geneva Accords. It was revived with a defined role and renewed vigour in 1965.

Led by US Special Forces, Major Larry Thorne, Op 35 (Operation White Star and later named Operation Shining Brass) was set-up to fight in the Pathet Lao and the North Vietnamese inside Laos. It consisted of three stages;

US Special Forces Recon into Laos to identify trails used and base camps of enemy US Special Forces led, Exploitation Commando units ioncluding Montagnard Special Forces annihilation of VC / Pathet Lao Base Camps US Special Forces Operatives remaining in Laos after
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