PATCH. LURPS, Long Range Recon Patrol, LRRP VIETNAM War


1 Only Available

LRRP - Long Range Recon Patrol - Rare, Arc Tab Chevron - Cheesecloth Backed.

The unit members of the Long Range Recon Patrols in Vietnam were an elite and unusual group of combatants revered for their lack of enthusiasm for the standard military operations and longing to be involved in missions that few would consider undertaking. Along with 'Tunnel Rats' and 'Medevac Crews' (inparticular pilots) their roles were recognised as been amongst the most dangerous of all throughout the war.

Utilised for the tracking of enemy forces, rescue of captured POW's, asssaults on enemy positions way behind enemy lines and numerous other non-conventional missions, the members of the LRRP's were known as LURPS and were capable of existing for months at a time without re-supply or relief.

To a man, Special Forces, Airborne Trained, they existed within units, however acted almost entirely under their own command once in the field. Rank was not always recognised with experience and capability been a more important factor for their survival in the field.

Patch - An incredibly rare patch of a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Operative - Rare, Arc Tab Chevron, Cheecloth backed.

LRRP's of the 173rd Airborne had the distinction of making the first US Army
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