PATCH - Viet Cong - Uniform Arm Band, NLF - Vietnam War

VC - Viet Cong, Combat Arm Band

North Vietnam Originating Unit


Excellent Rare Piece

VC - Viet Cong, Combat Arm Band

Superb Condition, Excellent Piece. Viet Cong, Combat Arm Band. These Arm Bands were put on only in the last minutes before the Village Forces of the VC and PAVN (Peoples Army for the Liberation of Vietnam) went into battle.

Mostly wearing their everyday clothes and with many NVA soldiers hard to distinguish from the RVN all combatants would wear some distinguishing features when involved in open battle or combat in free fire zones w subterfuge was no longer required. The colouring of the Arm Bands reflecting the North Vietnamese flag for Liberation of the time, red of the North and blue of the South.

In addition to the significance of the colouring the colours stood out in battle even in dense overgrowth w even skin colour could be seen at a distance against the dark greens.

These items more often used in urban combat rather than Bush fighting and in open field combat, attacking of allied posts.

Superb condition Measures, 16 x 4.75 inches ( 44 x 12 cms ) Rare VC Piece

Vietnam War Original

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