Patent Papers for Medical Vaporizer or "Vapo-Cresolene

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Patent Papers for Medical Vaporizer or "Vapo-Cresolene" (#656) The description is divided into several parts: a picture gallery, the main description, some basic info and policies, and, w applicable, patent information. Skip to Pictures Skip to Description Skip to Info Pictures... A thumbnail-size version of each picture is shown below.
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Please note: pictures with unusual dimensions may be distorted in their thumbnail versions. | | | | Description... This is a collection of patents for a Vapo-Cresolene Lamp, dated Sept. 27, 1881, and Aug 4, 1885. Printed on Card Stock, or sent on CD. Let us know your choice at time of payment.
At any given time, t are about a dozen of these lamps on eBay, in various states of completeness or disrepair. Knowledge in such matters is of value both in making decisions, and in increasing the "joy of the hunt".
is a wealth of information from the ultimate source -- the inventor himself, via the United States Patent Office.
We have owned several models of vapo-lamps by the same company, some with their boxes.
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