Pater Noster, Rosary, Prayer Beads, Coral Beads, Silvertone Markers, Silk Tassel

This is a 17 inch circular Pater Noster. It is made with 50 4mm red coral beads strung on black silk cord. The markers are silvertone; although they are marked on the package as sterling, I have my doubts, but they are at least silver plated. This pater noster has a black silk tassel. It is hand worked from silk thread, silk twist and silk floss. The Pater Noster is the forerunner of the modern Rosary. The loose string allowed one to move beads forward as each recitation of The Lord's Prayer (Our Father... or "Pater Noster" in Latin) was said.
The Pater Noster was used as an aid to prayer during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. This set was made for a re-enactment group, and then never used. A semi-precious stone set such as this might have been used by a family member of the nobility or the church hierarchy. Many pious people (and those who liked to show off their good taste in gemstones) carried their pater nosters with them at all times. These beads would be wonderful for a woman or young lady in particular to use at an SCA or other re-enactment event, as their petite size reflects refinement and modesty.
I have several sets in various materials, and will continue to bring out different sets occasionally. Although these specialty prayer beads were made with historical priorities in mind, they also are easily used
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