Pathfinder Battles Miniature - Reign of Winter 43 - Red Dragonkin Rider

Hardly used miniature for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, or similar fantasy role-playing games. Or just for guarding your computer while you're away.
Forgive the poor photos, but I can find no obvious scratches or flaws on the miniature. It's technically 'used' because it's open, but it's hardly seen any real use.
The 'Cleric of Pelor' miniature is for scale, and is not included in the auction.
I'm selling more than a few minis this week. If you message me before paying, I'll come up with a total shipping cost that will be much lower than paying separate shipping for each mini.

EDIT: Some shipping estimates have been inaccurate. Some are off by more than $5.00.
This may be due to my inaccurate size and weight estimates, or something on eBay's side. Please contact me before paying, but after bidding, if you want me to verify shipping costs.