Pattarino Signed Sculpture 27" Tall No Reserve

Featuring this Absolutely Wonderful Vintage Italian Art Sculpture masterpiece of a rare Cort Jester by the famous Eugenio Pattarino, This is Exceptional Rare and Very large sculpted figure 27" tall and mounted on a lamp base . Eugenio Pattarino (1885-1971,) one of the most artistic geniuses of the 20th century. Professor E.Pattarino, had a studio that unfortunately was washed away in a flood along all records, so little of his history exists today. He made religious figures that were given by the Vatican to visiting Heads of State and Dignitaries. His pieces were always expensive because no two were alike as they were sculpted and decorated by hand; most were purchased for private collections. This beautifully decorated figure depicts a Court Jester dressed in costume, Beautifully posed . Statue is fully signed! Has little dust on it from storage for 15 years and not sure how to dust it so will ship it this way .NOTE: ITEM HAS BROKEN PIECE ON COLLAR ON THE BACK>PLEASE LOOK AT PHOTOS BEFORE BIDDING. I DO NOT HAVE THE BROKEN PIECE