Paua Shell Laminate 4 Inlay - Luthier 4x4 Natural Heart

Hi, on offer is this heet of Natural Paua / Abalone Shell Laminate which is suitable a multitude of uses including Jewellery Making, repairing Antique Items, Luthier Work and Other Inlay. This design of Natural Paua Shell features the lovely irridescent purple heart design which is found on the inside of the shell. This sheet measures 4 inches by 4 inches and is 1/3 of a mm thick. This particular batch have a higher density of 'hearts' than in the photo, so not so much of the blue/green normal shell..

This sheet is made from very thin slices of Real Paua / Abalone shell and is laminated on to a vinyl backing, it is VERY EASY to cut using a craft knife / cutter and even sharp scissors, it is also coated with a protective varnish to enhance the natural design of these beautiful shells. It can be stuck down with readily available glues like Araldite or Contact Adhesive depending on the surface it is being applied to.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions, thanks for looking and good luck.

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