PAUL BLAINE HENRIE (LISTED CALIFORNIA 1932-1999). STAIRCASE TO THE SEA, LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, 1970, 36" x 24" watercolor, signed/dated lower left. Unframed. Has stains on the upper right side. In our research, we found this same painting has been done by the artist before. One oil version of the painting has an offering price of $7000 or best offer.Biography from Askart as provided by Los Angeles Public Library: This information is taken from an article titled "Paul Blaine Henrie" by Jerome Muller in the Orange County Illustrated, May 1970. Born in Tampa, Florida in 1932, Blaine Henrie became a California landscape painter, active in the Laguna Beach Art Association and the Carmel Art Association. He and his wife arrived in Laguna Beach in 1960 with a small child, financed car and virtually no money. From that time having settled in Three Arch Bay, he has turned out thousands of paintings and has also became a controversial member of the artist colony there, one of the reasons being that he makes no secret of the fact that he paints to make money--"a home in the hills, a studio at the beach, tiffany lamps, antique automobiles, rare pool tables, etc." Some critics assert that he is only a mercenary showman whose paintings are "worse than mediocre" and that he should have been a saleman. But on the East Coast, Edwin Barrie, Director ... read more