PAUL SPECHT From One Till Two/Forget Me Not (Condition E) Hot both sides

Grading Codes:

N New. No evidence of play,

E+ Very shiny and clean,

E Shiny and clean without wear or significant scratches,

E- Clean but maybe minor scratches or hint of wear,

V+ Average condition, some wear, some surface scratches and/or scuffs.

V Considerable wear, not much shine left. Scratches and scuffs.

V- Worn, dull with considerable surface noise from wear and scratches.

P lots of wear, no shine, considerable surface noise.

Mailing Costs:

1 Record UK £4.00, USA £8, EU £6

2 Records UK £4.50, USA £11, EU £9

3 Records UK £5, USA £16, EU £9.50

4 Records UK £6, USA £17, EU £10

5 Records UK £7, USA £19, EU £10.50

6 Records UK £8, USA £20, EU £11

7 Records UK £9.50, USA £21, EU £12

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