Paul Speckled Rock Tafoya Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery

Paul Speckled Rock Tafoya Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery Native American Indian Sgraffito Floral Iris Seed Pot

This black floral sgraffito seed pot was hand made by noted Santa Clara artist, Paul Speckled Rock Tafoya in 1984. This pot has the appearance of a black polished stone with gorgeous etched irises and a butterfly. Paul made this piece while he was married to Rosemary Apple Blossom, and it clearly shows the influence of the Lonewolf family.

The sgraffito areas are painted blue, yellow, cream and green. This was made by all traditional methods and measures 2" h x 2 1/4" w x 2" d. It is

signed “Speckled Rock '84 0316-B ”. I will send the mirrored stand with it to the winner. This is in prestine condition. The reserve is $199.

Paul is the son of Tonita and Adam Tafoya, the father of Adam Speckled Rock and the husband of Rosemary Apple Blossom Lonewolf. He was taught pottery by his grandmother, Severa Tafoya. Paul is also an accomplished painter, and is well-known for his bright watercolors and acrylics depicting pueblo life. He began potting is 1983. His work tends to be more contemporary but his themes are very traditional. Paul speaks eloquently of both his art and his people’s traditions. He has won numerous prizes for both his pottery and his painting, and is included in many private and museum collections.
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