Paul Twitchell Letters to Gail Volume 3 Three III Rare!

For auction is an excellent copy of Letters to Gail by Paul Twitchell. This is the 1990 edition. It has a forward by Harold Klemp.
I'm an Eckist and really enjoyed the book years ago when I found it here on ebay (I won it back then for over $300!). I had recently joined Eckankar and was interested in what the book was about. I had heard it was great. There is no indication in my copy of edition, but it might have been the only official release of the book.
The book is in excellent condition, it did not have any markings or notes when I got it and I did not add any.
I've looked around and can not find it on abebooks, amazon or other rare books websites at the moment.
It was a fun one to read and I got a lot out of it. Some chapter titles are: The Fluid World (my favorite), A view on Attitude, The Eternal Dreamer, Controlling Your Destiny, Simple Secrets of the Dream Level, and The Law of Grace.
Apologies for ending the first auction, I misspelled "volume" in the title and it wasn't coming up in the search. =)
I hope you enjoy it! All the best.

****************I AM NOT going to see this book. Please do not bid.**************
*****************I haven't used ebay in over 3 years and there is now a 3 week waiting period for paypal funds to become available (just had two items sell). I WILL

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