Pauline Frederick, TWO KINDS OF WOMEN, Silent Movie Poster, Vintage--Preserved

OUTSTANDING example of a rare poster for a silent movie lost to history starring one of the day's biggest stars, Pauline Frederick. Great color. Nice dramatic Western scene.
Copyright 1921.
RC Pictures' Two Kinds of Women premiered early 1922.
Directed By Colin Campbell
Printed by Otis Lithograph
Some creasing. Minor tears. Minor loss at edges.
Please see photos.
Movie Synopsis
Judith Sanford, daughter of a wealthy ranchowner, returns from the East when her father dies so as to take charge of his ranch. She finds Bayne Trevor, the ranch manager, in league with a rival concern, and she fires him after she buys out a third partner. Trevor has the payroll stolen, tries to corrupt her men, breeds discontent, and tries to obstruct her cattle business. With the assistance of Bud Lee, her foreman who remains loyal, she wins out and in the process falls in love with him. Pollock Hampton, one of Judith's partners, becomes Trevor's dupe but realizes his mistake when Judith is kidnaped; he then assists Bud in rescuing her.