PAULZ BRATZ CLASS / BACK TO SCHOOL PHOEBE 2006 STOCK # 337 959/ YEAR 2006 9 1/2" tall, all vinyl. Marked 2001 MGA, this is an older doll. Swivel jointed neck, shoulders and hips with soft vinyl legs and bendable knees. Pop-off feature feet. Up for auction is CLASS -or- Back To School PHOEBE. This doll came with either title. Check out the most beautiful dark cherry red silky saran hair with original swirled bangs! Phoebeis awesome. She is all original with top, shorts, hoody jacket, and sneakers!!! These had such unique facial paint too!!! All original. As Shown and described/ Excellent condition I love collecting Bratz, and I love bringing you the most beautiful and most collectible dolls of the 21rst century!!! See my other BRATZ UP FOR AUCTION!!!! WE COMBINE SHIPPING!!!!! From the collection of PAULZ BRATZ.

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I currently list anywhere from 100-200 small auctions on ebay. I am ONE person doing ALL the invoices, packing, hauling, sorting, shipping and answering emails. I mail them all USPS once a week on Wednesday.

I am a Grandfather, disabled and raising my ADHD Grandson. This is my livelihood. I have 37 years experience in dolls and describe to the best of my 34 year ability. I can't please everyone and don't try to. I do my
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