PAULZ BRATZ STUDY ABROAD SASHA IN BRITAIN 2015STOCK 537 038 / YEAR 2015 10 1/4" tall, all vinyl. Marked 2015 MGA. Swivel jointed neck, shoulders and hips with hinged knees. Pop-off feature feet. Up for auction AS SHOWN AND AS DESCRIBED Sasha is a very hard doll to find from this International wave! Dark dark brunette SILKY SARAN hair is super long, ankle length at the tips! She is all original with her incredible ensemble, HAT, top, jacket, plaid skirt, black mesh hose, and those awesome red boots!! Tons of accessories include her little Bunny Boo dressed in style to match! and her pull along luggage, earrings, necklace, tea cup, cookies on a plate, bracelet, a "flag" print top and matching purse. Pants. Lip brush. AS SHOWN AND AS DESCRIBED/MINT CONDITION Everything you ever wanted to know about Bratz is on line in an encyclopedia of BRATZ at: See my other BRATZ UP FOR AUCTION!!!! Find out MORE about Bratz by reading "PAULZ BRATZ" page on Facebook! BRATZ! the ONLY dollz to continually win the TOY OF THE YEAR (TOTY) AWARD year after year after year. An award that barbie has never won. WE COMBINE SHIPPING! If you pay in full in 3 days. From the MASSIVE collection of PAUL DAVIDZ.

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