PAWLET VT c1910 RP Lot of 3 Wonderful Cards

Note: I will be offering nearly 20 wonderful real photo postcards from the Pawlet, Vermont vicinity individually over the coming couple of days. Many of these are one-of-a-kind snapshots taken by 1-2 individuals and document life in Pawlet at the turn of the century. The photographers seem to be both Hattie Snell who resided in Pawlet around 1907 then spent time in Illinois prior to going back to Pawlet, and who I assume to be her eventual husband who is not identified, except by the name "James" and initials J.S.L. (although t are a couple photos of the man). Postcards include those sent between Hattie and James, and between Hattie and her father living in Kingston, Illinois and later, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Pawlet is near the Vermont towns of Butternut, Brimstone Corners, Danby Corners, North Rupert, Blossoms Corners, and Rupert. This is a superb, wonderful set of images for those with an interest in Pawlet.

Description: This is a superb grouping of 3 vintage (c1910) real photo postcards depicting: 1) Haystack Mountain and surrounding wooded and pastoral landscape, 3) a portrait of James holding a July 4, 1910 newspaper with article pertaining to the classic boxing match between Jack Johnson and James Jeffries in Nevada on this date, and 3) the Okllage. The portrait card is a cyanotone image.

Haystack Mountain:
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