Pay-Dirt from Porcupine Creek Alaska as seen on TV's Gold Rush Alaska

************BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND*********** You are bidding on 3 pounds of G OLD rich pay-dirt from the original "Discovery Claim" on Porcupine Creek, Alaska. This was the original claim filed by Jack Dalton that started the Porcupine Gold Rush. You may have seen it recently on TV. The claim was leased to Parker Schnabel last summer and he filmed on the claim while digging for the show. This pay-dirt is from our No. 1 pit. This is the same same hole Parker pulled 43 ounces out of while filming last year. You may recall Gary saying " this is the stuff dreams are made of " on the show. This is the stuff the kid left behind so in a way you could say this some of Parker's Gold. This is the very same dirt that we are running through the wash down plant every day and getting good Gold. Our dirt is shoveled off of bedrock and screened to 1/4 inch minus. Each box will come with a certifica te of authenticity so that you can be sure that you are getting genuine Porcupine Creek Gold from the Discovery Claim. Now is your chance to mine your own Porcupine Gold at home. Each "SOURDOUGH" box will have at least 0.50 grams of GOLD, all will have more than that, and just to make it really fun 1 in 5 boxes will have a BIG FAT NUGGET dropped in. It is up to you to extract the Gold while honing your panning skills. I highly recommend watching a few ... read more