Payphone 1970 / 1980 era Western Electric Pacific Bell

Western Electric 1C2 Payphone ** Please read the Safety advisory listed below ** Non USA buyers
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These are the real deal. Pay telephones all come with a story behind them, which will never be told. Maybe your phone was from the corner of Main Street in "Small-town, USA" or from the hood in Harlem. Get your easy to install personal payphone before they're all gone....

You can now own your own piece of Americana. These collectible quality pieces of American history and memorabilia can be yours to treasure forever in your own home. They are quickly disappearing off of the streets, as they become non-profitable to the telephone industry.

This Western Electric which is called the Street Beat has been refurbished and is ready to plug in and work on your home phone line.


Calls can be made without depositing coins.

Coin deposits drop directly into lower coin vault.

Converted for home use.

Works like a normal phone.

Installs into existing wall jacks. (2 wire modular)

Coin box Included.

Coin vault entry key included.

Want One Which Has Been Newly Painted

Get One

re-painted to Telephone Company standards.


**Please Take Note**
T is a wall mounting plate that
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