2 pcs Mullard CV4004 Box Plate NOS 12AX7 Match Pair

2 pcs Mullard CV4004 Box Gutter NOS 12AX7 Match Pair Tubes
Brand New In Box / Excellent Sound
Up for auction here is 2 pcs Matched Pair factory boxed NOS Mullard CV4004 Box Plate. Genuine NOS Mullard CV4004 tubes. The codes etched into the glass are #1: 641 R1J4 #2: 641 R1J4 . "641" is the tube type code and the "R" in the code indicated the tubes were manufactured in Mullard's Mitcham UK factory. Their plate current is tested at #1: 1.27 / 1.27 #2:1.28 / 1.27 Min Good = 0.82 & New = 1.20. These are the earlier production Mullard CV4004 as compared to the later years production (1984 - 1986) and they sounded very much better.
These t ubes come in original military boxes with tissue wrapped "cigar roll" corrugated sleeves and plastic pin protectors. The CV4004 is a premium version of the 12AX7 and ECC83 family of tubes and a drop in replacement for any 12AX7 or ECC83. Many believe that these are the best sounding Mullard 12AX7 period. These are very rare now and very hard to come by. The prices of these tubes are going up steadily as the stock depleting worldwide since its stop production 25 years ago. This is a great opportunity to own and stock some of these treasures at extreme low prices which I believe will be very hard to find in a few years time. Shipping Packaging & Payment
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