6 Pcs. Vintage Lionel Locomotive Lot for Repair

This auction is for a six-piece set of vintage Lionel engines, one American Flyer engine, and a transformer.
Included are two Lionel Model 027 engine s, number 258 . Both are missing a connecting rod on one side,
and look to be missing the contactors on the bottom. Other tha n that, they are in pretty fair condition. I
tried touching the transformer leads to various spots but couldn't get the m to do anything. Also included
is an older cast iron American Flyer engine 3195. It is missing the connector rods on both sides and the
painted finish is flaked o ff. I touched the leads to it but it didn't do anything. Also included is a newer
L ionel engine 8300 (plastic) and the coal car. I don't know how well it works but the wheels did move
a little when I touched the leads to the contacts. Al so included is a type 45 Lionel transformer which
appears to be in good condition, and one rusty Lionel CTC Lockon. Since these probably need some
TLC, they are being sold "as-is". The auction is one price for the lot of items.
We can ship these items internationally. Buyer pays actual shipping charges only (no charges for packaging
or handling). Good luck bidding!