PDP 805 Drum kit with Hardward, Double pedal, Cymbals and Bags

For Sale. PDP 805 Birch Drum Kit 18x24" Kick 7x14" Snare 9x13" Rack Tom 14x16" Floor Tom 16x18" Floor Tom
Paiste PST5 Cymbals 14" PST5 Medium Hi- Hats 22" Rock Ride 8" Splash 14" Thin Crash 16" Rock Crash 19" Rock Crash 14" Mini China
Hardware 3 Sided peace Rack with 7 arm attachments Mapex Hi- Hat stand Stagg Heavy Duty Boom Stand BigDog Single belt double bass drum pedal Elite Heavy Duty Snare Drum Stand Drum Bags for Shells (Bass drum, snare, rack tom and both floor toms)
Extra information. Beautiful drum kit only selling it due to moving out and will not have enough space. Last New PDP 805 sold in the UK before the 805 line was discontinued, Brought from Birmingham Drum Centre. All in very good used condition the only tiny bit of damage is a very tiny chip on the top of the bass drum were the rack tom has knocked it, will be very easy to cover up, For more information i would suggest visiting the manufactures websites (PDP, Paiste, BigDog, Peace)
I would recommend coming to view before hand, feel free to email questions to me full payment on paypal or a deposit of £100 when auction has finished and remainder in cash on collection
Thank you.