peacock & pinetree * gorgeous obi * JP antique rare

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one cut cloth from vintage maru-obi

peacock and pinetree* gorgeous antique obi *

a splendid collective item

size : about 11.00 x 45 inch (obi-7 )

material : silk : this is a rare and vintage maru-obi of Taisho era (1912 ~~ 26)* (maru-obi is weared for a formal dress-up kimono used by a married woman. It is usually weaved up in gorgeous and luxurious patterns.)

basic color : grossy brown (the photo color may be not 100 % correct same at the item listed, also according to PC it might show slightly different.)

patterns treatment : peacocks and pinetrees * weaved

item condition : 4 ★★★★ no heavy damages , but as the left hem or selvage was cut off, it is easily splitted horizontally* gentle and careful handling required* the cloth itself is not so weak*

by strict checking only a few other defects would be found...

◎The cloths we sell at eBay are not new but rare items of our collection and because of its vintage some unsatsifactory parts
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