's a rare and hard-to-find exclusive Peanuts Snoopy airblown inflatable! The famous World War I Flying Ace sits atop his trusty Sopwith Camel, which is appropriately decorated with a wreath and string lights for the holidays. This is my only one, so don't wait!

It stands 5 feet tall, lights up, and it's weatherproof, perfect for indoor OR outdoor use! PLUS, it's sooo easy to assemble ! Just follow the 3 easy steps shown on the back of the box, and transform your yard into the coolest scene in the neighborhood!

Snoopy's doghouse is decked out for Christmas , after winning the holiday lights & display contest in that classic scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas .

Includes everything needed: 4 tether stakes, 4 tether ropes, 4 fan base stakes, 1 extra light bulb, and 1 extra fuse.

I have very reasonable shipping costs, and offer FAST SHIPPING ! I will mail this within 24 hours of receiving payment!

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Please email me with any questions.

NOTE TO OTHER SELLERS: If you copy (steal) my photo or description to create your own auction, I WILL report you to eBay.

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