Was gonna strip these down but no time to do that at the moment. The white lacquer is in poor condition but the shells themselves are sound, bearing edges in excellent nick. Quite heavy shells, will make great drums with a wee bit of money and effort. NO HARDWARE INCLUDED!! Just the shells. No pics at the moment, will rectify that in the next couple of days..

IMPORTANT UPDATES (cant add to description as a bid has been placed) 13" tom is actually 11" deep. Also never noticed till now but the 13" has has a coat of white paint on top of the lacquer. Inside the holes has some paint and some paint residue on bearing edge, but none on the inside of the shells. There seems to be some small black paint splashes(as far as I can tell) on the inside of the shells- nothing that cant be removed!! There you go, just trying to be honest. Still a great pair of shells.