Peavey Classic 50 410 Combo tube amp. Version 1 - 1990s

A pristine example of this classic Peavey amp. Ungigged and pretty much as new out of the box.
Classic 4x10inch design and similar in layout to the Fender bassman, (albeit many reviewers rate it as being of even high quality.)
Awesome sound and quality .
On amazon today at £999

Peavey Classic 50 410 Combo Tube Amp, Version 1, 1990's.

Version 1 of the classic 50, made in the 1990's in America.

Peavey classic 50 4 x 10 all tube combo amp with master volume.

Not even cosmetic skuffs, except to feet from standing in the garage. Not even dirty......No rips to the tweed! You wont find a cleaner, less used example of this amp on ebay or anywhere

Never gigged so ready to be fired up and broken in .

Two channel amp with origi nal foot switch included. The clean channel is really sweet sounding and the lead channel has a nice crunchy dirty sound (like a Marshall in many resects, only better! )

Sound wise it is cross between a Marshall and a Fender, better cleans than a Marshall, much better drive than a Fender.

The Eq's are very responsive unlike a lot of amps that sound much the same no matter how you set the dials.

It is a very versatille amp and you won't find a single bad review of it on the net.

It is regarded as probably the best amp you can get without spending over
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