~ PEAVEY DPM C8x ~ *Final* Upgrade Chips (DPM C8 )

The DPM C8x is an UpGrade from the C8p
Upgrade using these chips.
-= These are the Final updated versions available! =-

These Chips have been programmed, verified, fully tested in a working DPM C8(p), just before shipping.
Locating the Two labels chiped marked "Hi" and Low", careful removal, and installition. I will prove basic install tips, but it is up to the technician to locate the chips and install the upgrade into the unit
NOTE: It is recommended that only qualified electronics technician should perform this upgrade. This is sold without warranty or refund, and for a good reason. Simply because these have been fully verified tested just before shipping. So, only in the mishandling or from an improper installation would these fail to work properly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: People put these in UPSIDE down, don't install abse don the label, look at the "notch" for the orientation of the chip. Blown chips will be easy to indentify and will NOT be replaced. Be careful and aware of STATIC charges as well.

NOTE: The actual appearance of Chips (label) will vary. And they will be for the DPM "C8(p)"

NOTE about UPGRADE: I am not familiar YET with the features of this upgrade, in detail. However, some of you might fill me in, but I wills say the C8x
has a floppy drive . the

(sorry I will have to make time to learn more about this)

REVIEW from Harmony

Product: Peavey C8X
Price Paid: N/A
Submitted 01/11/2001
Ease of Use : 10

With the latest C8X software, this unit is a breeze to use! The presets are great with the ability to enter up to eight zones per. There are dozens and dozens of them set in banks where all you have to do to move from one to the other(in a bank) is hit the last number of the the one you want and it moves there. (This unit is of course a controller wiht no on board sounds)
The manual is Very Good!
Features : 10 The board is a full 88 keys, with very good weighted action. Anything I know of that Peavey has ever made is expandable and this is no exception.This unit is as midi capable as it gets, anything you might want to do is only a program away. The unit has no on board sequencer, but it will control one very well.
Expressiveness/Sounds : 10 velocity and after touch are great, very expressive.
Reliability : 10 I depend on this unit three times a week with out any back up and have for a year, after using it I would never consider going back to an all in one keyboard, this thing does everything except cook my breakfast (my loving wife does that!)
Customer Support : 10 I must admit that I am blessed with living in Peavey land (Meridian Mississippi)and it is very easy to get with them and have several friends that work there.
Overall Rating : No Opinion If this unit was lost or stolen, I don't know what I'd do! This thing is almost irreplaceable to me.
I have been playing since beginning piano lesons at age six, I am now thiry seven. My sound sources include a Peavey modified Cyberbass module, a Peavey SP and a General Music Real piano sound module (THE BEST PIANO SOUNDS ON THE MARKET!) I love the complete control over everything from one place, and have found no complaints yet.I looked a some other units before, but being where I am, it's hard to beat Peavey. I am looking for two additions to my unit, a good quality sequencer and a Peavey spectrum organ module. This thing not only helps me make BETTER music, it almost does it itself>

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I have compiled some frequently asked questions relating to updating the repair and software EPROMs in your Peavey DPM synthesizers, for those of you who don't know Peavey once made synthesizers, maybe you should c...

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