Peavey DPM 4 (DPM 3) SYNTHESIZER Workstation / Sampler

Peavey DPM 4 which is essentially a DPM 3 / DPM 3 SE / with 10mb of sample ROM, According to some of the resident designers, they looked to build a D-50 which a sequencer like that of the Ensoniq SQ-80. I agree they got it close, "Fat sounds" subtractive synthesis. Unlike the D-50 however, a floppy drive and sample ability, but a Peavey SX or SX II to brings samples into this, cost about $25. sample trimming is done inside the keyboard as it was with the DPM 3 SE DPM 3 SE Plus
Also included:
Schematic diagrams and the owners manual.
Factory program diskette
This keyboard look nice! Not used much.
All buttons work, display is bright and clean.
> Only one thing, as some times the display pops up on the screen from time to time, it say "battery low", or something like that, and pops back out,
this, when the battery is fully charged.
I talked to a Peavey technician whom believes, that is it is retaining the setting and programs and the battery is indeed fully charged
this must simply be some internal less essential function chip not getting the correct information. Since the keyboard seems to work on every other level.
But I am selling this "AS-IS".
I had a second DPM 4 I used since 1994, and I know how to test this keyboard on every level, including read/write floppy tests, sequencer
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