Peavey Valverb Valveverb Rackmount Reverb Tremolo NR!!

This is a very rare Peavey Valverb tube reverb and tremolo in near-perfect condition, in great shape! I replaced the tubes in it and it sounds killer -- 100% functional, no issues! One knob was missing when I got it, so there's a replacement knob on the master volume (see photo). Here is a description from the web:
The Valverb is a tube/valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo unit. It contains 4 12AX7 valves and 2 12AT7. This is a long spring reverb with the reverb tank spanning the width of the unit. The reverb is rich, lush and sophisticated and is capable of incredibly rich and warm tones ranging from just a touch of spaciousness to utterly drenched and huge! It absolutely nails the wet, drippy surf sound and also works brilliantly for dub snares. It is also great on mic'd acoustic instruments and vocals. The tremolo is one of the sweetest, smoothest tremolos I have ever heard. Many surf guitarists prefer it to the Fender reverb tank and other spring reverb alternatives as, as well as it's top notch reverb, it features the additional valve-driven tremolo, input and output level controls which function like a valve preamp, and highly useable bass, mid and treble EQ controls.
These units are USA made, famously high quality and out of production. They are one of the most well-respected products Peavey ever produced. Valverbs
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