Peco SL-E392F N Code 55 Small Rad LH turnout Electrofro

Peco item # SL-E392F N Scale Code 55 Small Radius (12")� Left Hand turnout with Electofrog. The frog angle is approximate to a #4.

Peco Universal Fine track has a fine scale appearance. Rail is Code 55 above the ties, but the clever double base adds strength and maintains compatibility with Peco Code 80 track system components. Code 55 turnouts are not direct replacements for Code 80 components as the geometry is slightly different. Turnouts include extra tie sections for placement under the rails once the track has been fitted onto the layout. Peco Electrofrog turnouts feature electrically live frogs to enhance slow-speed performance. They require that power always be fed from the points end of the turnout. All Peco turnouts are power-routing, meaning that only the route the points are lined for are electrically live. Turnouts feature realistic ties and guard rail details. Sprung points ensure positive contact each time the switch is thrown.

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