Peebles Old Cabinet Whisky Brass Bottle Corkscrew PAF

This figural Williamson's Brass Bottle Corkscrew is a early version of this patent. The bottom of the bottle is marked PAT APLD FOR. The bras plate reads PEEBLES OLD CABINET WHISKY TRADE MARK 1840 CINCINATTI, O. Email with questions. Shipping is $5.25 to US locations. International bidders email for shipping charges. Ref: Corkscrews, Bottle Opener, Cork Extractor, Cork Puller, Cork Remover, Kurktrekker, Tire-bouchon, Cavatappi, Sacacorchos, Tire Bouchon, Korkkiruuvi, Korkskruv, Korkenzieher.Korkenzieher, Champagne tap, wine opener, bottle opener, Kurktrekker, Tire-bouchon, Cork screw, Cavatappi, Sacacorchos, Tirebouchons, Korkenziehersammler, Collezionista, Corkscrew, Tire Bouchon, Zapfenzieher, Korketrekker, Korkkiruuvi, Korkskruv, Kurkentrekker, Corkscrews alcohol wine beer bar saloon whiskey whisky cork screw