Peerless Deluxe Transistor Radio - Red

PEERLESS DELUXE TRANSISTOR RADIO - RED AAA SELLER PICTURES ARE WORTH A MILLION WORDS! Transistor Radio Mar 1. 056.jpg Transistor Radio Mar 1. 057.jpg Transistor Radio Mar 1. 058.jpg Transistor Radio Mar 1. 059.jpg Transistor Radio Mar 1. 060.jpg DESCRIPTION A red color Peerless Deluxe transistor radio. The radio has no chips or cracks and is in very good condition. The radio is working but the on off switch contact is not holding tight and looses contact. The metal stand on the back locks tight in the open position. This radio has great style and belongs in your collection.

Please see my auctions for other transistor radios from the 50's and 60's. I have another nice lot of boxed and unboxed radios for sale this week. The following are some of the radios up for auction:

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Fuji Denki TRB-609 (Blue)

Hoffman TP-709 Solar (Aqua)

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Mitsubishi 6X-148 (Blue)

Realtone âeoeBladesâe TR-803

Regency TR-1 with Case (Jade Green)

Sony Watch RadioTRW-621 w/box

Standard SR-G433 with Box

Toshiba âeoeBathroom Scaleâe 6TP-31A (Red)

Toshiba 6TP-309A

Toshiba 6TP-314A (Red)

Trancel âeoeDarth Vaderâe 6TP-348

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