Peggy Karr RETIRED Lodge Moose 14" Bowl Signd NIB RARE

Welcome to the Palabra Shop! We are a small antique and gift shop on the coast of Maine in Boothbay Harbor. We are going to be offering a wide variety of fused glass pieces created by American glass artist Peggy Karr; both new and retired. Please Note: we only deal in signed Peggy Karr pieces that are top quality. We do NOT carry seconds. If you are looking at a Peggy Karr piece anyw else that does NOT have a signature than it is a second, not a high quality piece. We now have an Ebay Store, please check out our other items !
You are bidding on a retired Peggy Karr bowl from the Lodge pattern. This pattern was Introduced in 2002 and is now retired. This particular bowl is 14" in diameter. The outer border is decorated with pine cones and t is a large moose in the center.
It was designed by Peggy Karr herself. This piece is signed and comes in it's original box. Wetook this photo in front of a window on a plate stand to show the gorgeous colors. The sticker at the top is a shop price tag. The 14" bowls retail for $70.00
All Peggy Karr pieces have brilliant colors are fired at 1600 degrees F. between two layers of clear glass. Each piece has its own unique character of surface texture and bubbles. Peggy Karr Glass is food-safe, microwave warming and dishwasher-safe, a truly functional piece of art.
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