Peggy Nisbet ~ SHAH of IRAN & EMPRESS FARAH royal dolls

"Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlov" of Iran, P/464


"Empress Farah" P/465 Pair of House of Peggy Nisbet, Made in England , commemorative portrait dolls , "Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlov", P/464 and "Empress Farah", P/465 . Both are wonderful resemblances, each standing aprox. 8" tall, and wearing their complete royal costumes. He has very chiseled features with brown eyes and grey hair and wears a very regal, two-piece uniform with stand-up collar, loads of gold trim, red sash, impressive gold and silver medals as well as many campaign ribbons, gold chains and gold rope, navy blue trousers with double red stripe. She wears a beautiful fitted, long gold, matlesei coat over a matching long gown (both lined and trimmed with lavish gold and silver brocade) has a serious expression with nicely molded and painted features, brown eyes and closed mouth and also wears a beautiful rhinestone crown, necklace and long pearl drop earrings, long slip, panties and gold painted shoes. Made of hard plastic with jointed arms she has lovely thick, dark brown hair in an upswept style and is complete with black and white wrist tag identifying her as: P/465 "Empress Farah of Iran". Both are in excellent condition with no damages or repairs. We will also be listing more Royal Family members in separate listings next week as shown in last photos.
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