PEKING (Beijing) China :1915 city MAP- shows railway

Map of PEKING ( Beijing) city ( China) showing the walled Inner and Outer cities and the surrounding areas. Detail of all of the foreign Legations are marked on the map with reference numbers. Railway lines entering the city are shown plus the various Peking stations existing in this era. This includes the Peking - Mukden Railway, Peking - Hankow Railway, the Peking - Kalgan Railway and branch line to Men Tou Kow (Mentougou). The map was published in 1915 by Imperial Japanese Railways. The map is 34 x 31 cm. and has been folded. Slight yellowing of paper and edges are scuffed which is to be expected of a map this old. The map is mainly in English but some of the more important names are also shown in Chinese characters. Some of the scans show the fine printing which can not be appreciated from the low resolution scan of the whole map. Payment by Palpal please.