Pelikan D405 Pencil Black & Chrome


Souveran's supreme composure is born of strength of character with an indomitable spirit, yet serene self-possession. It is timelessly elegant yet compellingly simple - a classic. Precision technology is married to contemporary clarity for the peace of mind to bring ideas to light. This legendary, meticulously crafted fine writing instrument’s timeless beauty holds its high value. Although refinements have been added wherever technical progress allowed it, this pencil has largely remained the original as in the past. The Pelikan Souveran 400 Pencil uses .7mm lead.

This Pencil is a beautiful Black and Chrome color combination that is sure to please any pen lover.


· Chrome -plated Pelikan Clip

· All Fittings Chrome Plated

· Diamond-ground surface

· Push-button mechanism

· .7mm lead

Dimensions: 5 1/4" length; 3/8" diameter.

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