Pencron 17 jewels Incabloc Swiss made Fishing Fisherman watch Trout Vtg. Old

Pencron 17 jewel Fishermans Watch

Very attractive watch.It is about 1 13/16 in diameter,not counting the winding stem. The case shows two fisherman in a boat on the front. The back has a floral design. Has a nice quality look to it with very good detail. The case is in good condition,no damage and the hinge is not loose. The crystal is good. The face is in good condition, no cracks, and is attractive with the Roman numerals,fancy hands and a depiction of a trout. The face is marked: Pencron - 17 jewels - Incabloc -Swiss made. I believe the face is porcelain, I am not positive about that,but it sure has the appearance of porcelain. Overall the watch only shows light wear. The chain is not original to the watch, The chain is a gold color similar to the watch, but the clasp is a silver color. When I purchased this, I wound it up and it kept good time for four hours or so, but the next morning it had stopped and now for some reason it wont wind up, the winding knob doesnt feel connected and just turns easily. The watch hands can still be set if you pull out the knob, The watch runs for 5 or 6 seconds when you set the hands, so I imagine it is repairable. The case is a hunter type case, you open it by pushing down on the winding stem and then you can open the case with a fingernail. Once repaired, it would be a great watch for
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