pendleton whiskey bottle LED light stand , remote

This project i took 3 watt E27 remote control LED color changing light bulb and made a stand to hold a pendleton whiskey bottle . It works good and looks great .

You get the stand , remote , LED light bulb and empty pendleton bottle . the range on the remote is only about two feet it has to go though the glass

below is information on led light -------------


1.It is a cool LED RGB Light bulb that comes with a remote control. it is even got flash, strobe, fade, and smooth mode for ultimate party light control.

2.LED color changing light bulb with wireless remote for use in any standard incandescent socket. Have a sign currently illuminated with boring white light? Own a bar or restaurant and want to really make your decorations stand out? Well here is the answer, the RGB (red, green, blue) color changing LED lighting bulb.

3. It can be used in a single static (fixed) color or simply press the remote control to produce one of four color changing effects. The magic lighting is capable of emitting White, Red, Green, Blue, plus twelve additional bright colors. In addition to the brilliant colors you can produce with this light bulb, you have the added benefit of reducing your energy costs since it only uses 3 watts of energy. Great for retrofitting into existing track lights
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