Published in Philadelphia in the early years of the 1900s, this excellent color folder presents 20 captioned color views of coal mining operations and facilities in Pennsylvania!

The folder is titled Souvenir of the Anthracite Coal Region on its decorative front cover. The back cover is just as nice looking and features a picture of one of the largest coal breakers in the area.

Open the covers and you'll find much of interest inside:

* an introduction on the back flap explaining that the folder is designed to show how mining has been revolutionized over the last few years

* a short history of Pennsylvania coal mining since the 1700s, on the reverse sides of the front/back covers


and, of course, the 20 pictures, beautifully reproduced and all captioned.

The pictures don't identify specific locations, but include:

* A modern colliery, with buildings and breaker

* Coal Breaker and Conveyor

* Three miners in work uniforms, ready to enter the mine

* Mine cage with large group of miners ready to descend the shaft

* Interior of anthracite coal breaker, showing Jiggs system for separating coal from slate ... and showing chute system (two separate views)

* Worker cutting coal at the face of a chamber

* Workers
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