Penny ROLL 50 Coins Wheat PennyTAIL/Indian Head TAIL

This Roll has a Indian Head Penny TAIL/ Wheat Penny TAIL Showing on the Ends. T is good detail on both of them. STOCK PHOTO! You might find any amount of Indian Head Pennys, Wheat Pennys, Flying Eagle Pennys and Silver Dimes in these Rolls. Maybe Even a Rare Coin!
These Rolls are from my Grandmothers Estate. When I was a Child Granny had me help her roll her coins, she was a coin collector. She had a friend that would sell her the coins. She had bags of pennies and silver that she bought from him. Granny was a big influence on my life she was who actually started me in the coin collecting hobby. She gave the coins to my Mom some years back and now my Mom said we might as well sell them on ebay as they will be my inheritance! So I will be listing her coins on until they are gone. I have been on Ebay since 2003 and have 100% feedback so bid with Confidence as I do Appreciate Satisfied Customers! Please Email me thru Ebay with any questions you might have. I do work 8 hours then Ebay the rest of the day. I will get right back to you if you have a question as soon as possible.
I will take Pictures of the end coins unless they are tails in which case I will use a Stock Photo. You can grade them for yourself from the pictures. FREE SHIP!! Priority Mail will be for Multiple Wins. I will ship fast as a speeding bullet right after
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