PEPERAMI FANIMAL MASCOT excellent condition

My son bought this at our local Sports Direct shop in the run-up to World Cup 2010.

The mascot is the famous character from the PEPERAMI adverts, "FANIMAL"

He sings football style songs and chants which are :-

SONGS "The referees a veggie"

"Peperami's Barmy Army"

"He fell over"

"Are you veggie in disguise?"

"I'm meat,I'm neat,you can chuck me from your seat-Fanimal! Fanimal!"

CHANTS "Burger off USA,you've got no chance!"

"Coloured boots? Oh fruity!"

"Oi Winker! Stop falling about you limp sausage!"

"Baguette,Pierre? I'll give you some French stick!"

"Oi,Germans! If you eat pickled cabbage,you'll play like pickled caggage!"

"Hey Italy! The only balls you're good with are meatballs!"

"Oh rubbish!"

"Oi Spain! You lot are full of bull!"

"Hey Argies! I'll tell you where you can stick your hand of God!"

"You tackle like wet lettuce-put some meat into it!"

It is made of a squishy rubbery material and is in excellent condition. Approx 30 cms long. Dangly arms and legs.