Perfect Mint Unused Fire King Jadeite PHILBE Mug,Shiny,Slick and Glossy In & Out

VERY VERY RARE- THE HOLY GRAIL FOR FIRE KING COLLECTORS! Beautiful, shiny and glossy Fire King Jadeite Jadite *PHILBE* Mug! These are not seen very often at all! There are NO chips, no fleabites and no damage, the outside and the inside are especially glossy and you can tell it has never been used! The outside IS SO SLICK AND SHINY AND THE EMBOSSING ON BOTH SIDES IS VERY DISTINCT. Look at the pictures and enlarge them, it is really in excellent MINT shape. I have had it myself for over 30 years in my china cabinet. This is the last one that I have! Gene Florence talks about these mugs in his books and states that they are not found very often, and are from the 1940's. He mentions that they were called "Philbe" in honor of Philip B. that worked at the glass plant. This vintage mug has such a beautiful interior, so glossy and shiny you can tell no spoon has ever stirred inside the mug! And the outside has perfect detail and so so shiny. Very desirable and collectible! I have seen "chipped" or "flea-bitten" ones sell on ebay for over 800.00, this mug is one of a kind in its perfection! Has never, never been used!!

I only charge exact shipping, and will include insurance. I include insurance and tracking in my price. I pack super extra carefully because I care about these dishes and want you to enjoy them as much as I have!
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